"I wish I had School of Rock when I was growing up."

— Nearly Every Parent Who Walks Through Our Doors

“School of Rock has been a great community for these kids. It is an alternative to extracurricular activities that a lot of these kids can really fit into where they might feel out of place in other arenas.”  

— Andrew, San Diego, CA

“School of Rock provides opportunities not just for kids to learn the classic material and techniques of rock and roll, but also provides them with fantastic lessons in problem solving, team building, and the rewards of hard work while building their self esteem and confidence (all while having a blast). The SoR experience creates not only rock stars on stage, but it transfers into other areas of the kids lives as well!”  

— Rocker Mom, Salt Lake City, UT

“You are transforming my child into someone who knows that she "can." She doesn't hope for the "I can" anymore - she KNOWS she can now. Our daughter is learning how to come out of herself, take risks, close her eyes and just fly. We are so grateful. More than you can ever know."  

— Francine & Lou, Fort Washington, PA

"School of Rock has prepared me for the world because it is an environment that constantly challenges my creative abilities."


— Jake, 18, SoR Downingtown

"School of Rock has taught me to work hard for things that I want to get (like being an AllStar), and it's taught me to work really well with others, and has improved my communication skills."

— Adam, 18, SoR Rochester

"School of Rock has taught me how to perform in public with self-confidence."

— Dan, 18, Downingtown

“School of Rock. The best music school anywhere. This whole idea of getting kids not just taking lessons and learning notes and chords, but learning songs and playing with other young musicians, and getting out on stage… I was so impressed that my daughter Cheyenne goes to School of Rock on Long Island.”

— Dee Snider, Twisted Sister

 "You want your kid to be passionate about something, whether it be sports, scouts, dance or whatever. School of Rock does this for my son. We have discovered a talent we didn't know he had. My son would live at School of Rock if he could. We've already recommended the program to several friends."

— Susan Snyder, Clifton, VA

"Our son explored many other extra-curricular activities prior to SOR, and no other activity was able to keep his interest. He has been challenged with new material, gained a foundation in theory and songwriting, as well as learned how to work in a group with other students to put on phenomenal rock 'n roll concerts in "real" concert venues."


— Trisha Ybarra-Peters, Leesburg, VA